The Incredible Hulk Dumps Edward Norton!!

WTF?!!! Oh I am sure you’ve all heard the news about Edward Norton NOT reprising his role as The Hulk in the upcoming Avengers Flick! This some sad news as now it seems as the movies are not tied together as tightly as they once were in preparation in creating a mini Marvel movie universe. I heard from the start that there were problems with Norton as he was not at all pleased with the final outcome of The Incredible Hulk as he hoped for a longer more extensive cut of the film. Then it was his high salary he demanded to repsise the role of Banner in which Marvel clearly rejected. Now we get news of some unknown actor claiming the role of Banner in the Avengers flick. 

Sorry that just ain’t good enough as Norton was one of the main reasons why the film worked so well in the first place. Yeah since now we have a clearly fully CG Hulk what really matters truely is who is actually in the role of good ol’ Bruce. Hopefully they can still pull it off, though clearly the film has already now lost some major excitement as one of the key actors will not be returning.

So hopefully the rest of the gang can show up for the party! I mean what happens if Robert Downey Jr. decides HIS paycheck is not enough??? I guess really he and Samuel L. Jackson are the key players so in order to make this film truely work we have to have them back for sure! I personally am still holding out for either Norton or Marvel to change their mind. If you’re gonna do something as epic as this you gotta do it the right way!! In any event I am sure Hulk will still SMASH, just maybe not as hard….


  1. Christopher

    This pisses me the fuck off!! I loved The Incredible Hulk it should have gotten the attention and praise that Iron Man got.IT had so much more depth and feeling then Iron Man.The casting was so good and Ed Norton was a perfect Banner……I hope we get someone good shit.Too bad they wasted Eric Bana on the Ang Lee abortion he was really good in that. He was one of the positive things about that silly movie.Who ya think were gonna get Mr.Saturday?

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