Inception Vs. Dreamscape!

Ok it’s been a while since I have been blogging on here-I must admit have been slackin’ a bit but now that I am the only real blogger on here. It’s been a bit difficult keeping up the momentum since the summer has started and really kicked in here in Portland Oregon. Remember everyone, this is the only three months that we really get any real sunshine!! So yeah I have been busy soaking up the rays and enjoying the times that sometimes only summer really can seem to bring. Anyway enough about my slackness and onto bigger matters as yeah well last week friday on opening night I went to see Chris Nolan’s big summer blockbuster “Inception”.

Well what did I think ? Quite honestly it seemed to have everything going for it-Nolan writing, directing and producing a thriller about entering dreams and basically doing battle there and implanting thoughts through the night time fantasies that we all have every evening.  After the first hour I must say I was ready for an epic masterpeice. It was all set up for a crazy tripped out adventure in dreamland. The only problem was that a half hour later I was ready to snooze myself. After reading all of the critic’s praise on this flick I thought I just must have dozed off  in the theater and dreamnt that this movie actually kinda sucked! But alas that was not the case, I was awake until it’s end and all I could think about was just how bad Nolan actually blew a chance to make a truely epic adventure. 

We all dream right? Are your dreams as vanilla as what you saw in this film? Mine certainly aren’t. My dreams are filled with imagery that I simply can’t explain, even when not nightmares my dreams are filled with almost undescribable landscapes, people and places that make no sense, things that send strange bizzare chills up and down my spine every morning. Are Nolan’s dreams that bland? These dream sequences that I witnessed were about as everyday, boring and bland as they come. Not once did I really feel I was inside a dream, but at best a well put together, yet safe action movie with a another bland predictable Hollywood ending. I felt more after watching “What Dreams May Come” which of course was based on  a Richard Matheson novel of the same name.

 What I have been telling people is that they should dig back in the vault and watch the 80’s classic “Dreamscape” instead of dropping ten bones at the theater to see this weak “dreamy” thriller. Yeah, seriously, Dreamscape delivers the goods in a way that Nolan only could dream of creating. Aside from just being a more enjoyable film all together Dreamscape actually delivers dream sequences that actually feel like real dreams. I know it’s an 80’s flick  with Dennis Quaid, where he’s galavanting around saving people from their worst, most cheezy nightmares. 

I however appreciate dreams, every morning I wake and try and peice together the previous night’s bizarre exploits and figure out exactly what or why I saw what I did. It seems that Nolan thinks that all dreams are black and white, easily explained and understood. I hoped for much more in an epic dream related movie produced today from someone who brought us Memento and The Dark Night. I expected to be taken away into an eerie land where when dreaming lucidly, the whole framework of the world could be bent, shifted and molded into something onsceen that could not be explained. I have dreamnt lucidly a number of times in my life, and I have cherished those moments and altered the reality there in such a way of elation that felt as if I have truely lived in another world. I certainly didn’t spend those moments in a taxi cab with Leonardo or firing machine guns skiing on a bland mountain landscape for an hour or with a boring ex-lover who couldn’t even be interesting in the dreamworld. So I must say if you are looking for a better adventure my friends you need to head to your local video store or your online queue and check out a true dream classic in Dreamscape or simply close your eyes and dream a better dream yourself tonight….

It seems that finally Harry over at Aint It Cool just recently put up the review for Inception. For a minute here I was feeling that maybe I was crazy for doggin’ the movie the way I did but check out his review and you’ll see I’m not the only one…phew!


  1. Aaron Y

    Couldn’t agree more. I thought Nolan’s movie was good but I kept thinking of this movie every time someone said Inception was original or innovative.

    Um, no it wasn’t. At all.

    • petersaturday

      But how good was it as a movie portraying the dreamworld?? It should have been so much more-visually and the dream world should have made less sense i think…

      • Peter Saturday

        There needs to be more movies about lucid dreaming! Dreamscape is easily one of the best, but also Nightmare on elm st. 3; the Dream Warriors is amazing!! i’ve had a bit of a lucid dreaming dry spell, but i’ve had some crazy Astral Projection experiences while attempting to induce Lucid Dreaming…

  2. julius

    I have to disagree with you
    Nolan did an excellent job and i liked it more than Dreamscape.
    I cared for Leo more than Quaid. I liked both movies but Inception was a better movie.
    the movie was original because it has it’s own idea!
    Nolan was influenced by matrix, 13th floor, paprika, dark city and James bond. but especially THE UNFORGIVEN. the story and structure are the same but awesome.

  3. Max

    I definitely agree with you about this over-hyped movie.
    I absolutely detested Inception. It just didn’t work and ended up being quite a lame action film with little depth or character development. The actors seemed to try too hard, particularly DiCaprio and frankly I found the story quite weak.

    On the other-hand Dreamscape was very refreshing and intriguing.

    I will watch Dreamscape again but one watching was almost too much for Inception. Nolan should stick to Comic book movies and leave ‘deep’ stuff to others.

    I rate Inception a 1.5/5
    I rate Dreamscape 4/5

    • petersaturday

      The dreamworld should be a lot more interesting than in Inception, Nolan missed a lot of wtf type dream moments I would have loved to have seen, so yeah, Dreamscape still RULES!!!

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