New Official Machete Trailer!!

God damn am I excited for the the upcoming Robert Rodriguez flick “Machete” which spawned from the faux trailers of the Grindhouse movies!!

 Today the new trailer was just released so I figured it’d be a good time to post it up here. It’s got some amazing people starring in it and looks like it should have been the third feature in the Grindhouse double feature that Rodriguez and Taratino released a few years back. I have been pumped ever since I heard that this movie was actually happening and what’s even more exciting is seeing the return of Steven Seagal to the big screen!!

It’s already destined to be a cult classic and hopefully it will do well so we can perhaps witness the rumored “Thanksgiving” also make it to the big screen! In case you forgot Thanksgiving was the faux trailer Eli Roth made for Grindhouse. He’s said recently he’s planning on turning that into a big screen flick or perhaps part of the second Grindhouse series he’s hoping to recharge!!  

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