SPOOKIES!! I Need to See It!

One thing I really hate are region 2 DVDS and super expensive VHS tapes! There are a few movies I’m trying to track down but one in particular that I have never seen is a movie called “Spookies”. This amazingly bad looking creature feature came out in 1986 and as a kid I remember the awesome looking cover at the video stores.

Somehow this one slipped through my fingers, I have never seen it and it has never been released on dvd in the USA. I have been checking ebay but the vhs copies are actually kinda pricey. Anyway I may just have to watch it on Youtube (which can kinda suck) as it seems like the only way I am going to actually view this anytime soon. I suppose too since I have been quite under the weather this week that really wouln’t be such a bad idea? Anyway being a huge fan of 80’s horror and an even bigger fan of a good or bad monster movie this one appears to have all the right ingredients for success! Check out the trailer for this and if you have a spare copy let me know!!


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