R.I.P. Corey….

Wow. This morning I was totally shocked when I got up and heard the news that Corey Haim had died just a couple hours ago. It really shouldn’t be that shocking though since all of his drug related problems right? He seemed like one of the most troubled former child actors out there yet still it shocked me as I felt a small part of my childhood die as well.

Corey Haim may have not been taken too seriously over the last 20 years but there was a time when he starred in some of the coolest movies of the 80’s. Obviously The Lost Boys was a great movie that may go down in history as the BEST vampire movie ever made. But Corey also starred in many other awesome movies that still today bring back fond memories of the 80’s and deserve a second, third or fourth veiwing in his honor. Here are a few of my faves some of them seem relatively forgotten by alot of people….

Firstborn was one of Corey’s first movies-definately check this out!

here’s some key Corey scenes and look for a ultra young Robert Downey Jr…

Another of my favorites was the awesome werewolf movie Silver Bullet!If you have never seen this you best get to the video store asap-one of Corey’s BEST!

Don’t forget about Lucas-amazing movie!!

Another to check out that I love personally is the Watchers another super cool 80’s horror flick that Corey stars as the lead in!

And of course License To Drive….

Rest In Peace Corey. You were a true 80’s icon….

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