The Best Horror Comedy of 2010!

There’s a movie I have been excited for for quite sometime and recently viewing it trailer has given me even more anticipation! I am already pretty sound in my prediction that this will be the best horror comedy of  2010! “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil” is a one of a kind, completely original horror comedy. You see Tucker and Dale are hillbillies but definately not evil psychopaths. The hard thing is convincing a group of teenagers that who are headed up into the woods on a camping trip that they’re not! 

 It seems that all of the killer Hillbilly movies are giving them a real bad rap. Now try convincing  Tucker & Dale that they aren’t being stalked by derranged teenagers! This is what director Eli Craig had to say about the storyline in his most recent interview about the film at Bloody Disgusting:

“Tucker and Dale just scored a sweet vacation home for a bargain basement price. Even though this scene was cut from an earlier draft, we had the backstory that they actually bid on the place in a foreclosure auction, and Tucker won without ever seeing it. On the way up to see the place they stop at a local store to rent a bunch of tools (weed-whackers, chainsaws, a woodchipper, a scythe, etc) figuring they’ll need to do a little work on the place. A group of college kids stop to pick up some beer for their camping trip, and this is where they first run into each other. From the college kids POV it looks like these guy have hostile intentions, but really they’re just checking out the cute college girls and Tucker is trying to psyche Dale up to go talk to them. When he finally musters the courage to walk over and talk to them, it doesn’t go well at all… terrified, the college kids race out of there and leave Dale feeling even more insecure about his lack of charm with the ladies. This sets up the different perspectives that these two groups have, but there’s an amazing series of misperceptions that finally leads to the appearance that T&D are psychotic backwoods killers.”

This film is slated for release on Memorial Day of 2010 and I can’t wait to see this film in it’s entirety! Check out the trailer if you haven’t already:

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