Ron Jeremy…never ceases to amaze!

So for those of you that are familiar with the infamous Ron Jeremy, you know full well that there are no porn movie plots that are beneath him. From spoof of the Adam’s Family (The Maddams Family) to Flatliners (Fatliners), Mr. Jeremy has starred in over 1000 movies! And add to the madness of porn legacy that he has constructed, apparently he starred in Super Hornio Brothers…a spoof on Super Mario at the time that the Nintendo NES and SNES were kings…yeah the good old days of 1993.

Ron Jeremy Super Mario

As I write this short blog, I realize I open myself up to scrutiny as a porn lover…for the most part, when I was 13 they were king…by the time I was 16 they were increasingly boring and very difficult to sit and watch. But Ron Jeremy was worth a view from time to time due to the hilarious roles that he took on over the years. I have always felt that if he would not have had a career in the Porn industry, he could have easily had a film career in comedy or at least in stand up. His quick one liners and perfect timing/delivery always made the dialog scenes in his movies enjoyable. And how often have you ever heard that…”I watched the Ron Jeremy movie for the dialog!” For that matter, “I watched any Porn for the dialog!”

Super Hornio Brother

So here is a short snippet of dialog clips from the 1993 Super Hornio Brothers, starring the great Ron. As you will see this is a fan assembled/edited set of clips, so there was some fun the compilation. With a run time of ~5 minutes…that is the typical amount of dialog that one can expect from a 60-90 minute barrage of porn.

Wow does this movie look bad…

Another interesting find while researching this…a web site featuring a tiled animated .gif “bobble head” while the Theme music to the 80’s classic Super Mario Brothers animated series plays in the background. For some reason I was mesmerized by this…enjoy.

Ron Jeremy Super Mario Theme


  1. 1frombeyond

    I love it. Ron Jeremy is often found on tuesday nights at one of my favorite bars in my hometown, Sardo’s. Tuesdays are “industry” night or Porn Star Karaoke, where, you guessed it, many of the industry’s biggest get together and sing. Ron usually looked bored/pissed. Probably because he never got to do Super Hornio Bros. 2 – the guy looks exactly like Super Mario in human form.

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