Halloween Horror Movie Night! 5 Flicks that will deliver!

This is by far the best season to watch horror movies! So what are you gonna do with yourself before halloween? Spend your money sitting at a bar? Go to bed early? Watch reruns of Small Wonder ’til 2am? Smash some neighborhood pumpkins? No way! It’s Horror Movie Night time!! Pick out a few movies make some good food, grab some beer, invite some friends over and watch a few awesome movies in honor of this splendid holiday! But the real question is what to watch right? Well ponder this no longer because here are five movies that will be sure to please the even the most finnicky of your friends! 

1. Trick ‘r Treat.

You read of the review months ago right here and luckily this one got released before halloween. This is probably your best bet for Horror Night since it obviously takes place on  halloween and is one of the coolest halloween themed movies I have ever seen.  It has a cool old school 80’s vibe, no CG and has four awesome interwoven tales of the macabre! Produced by X-men’s own Bryan singer to boot!

2. The Blob

Yeah the best horror movies ever were probably made in the 80’s and this is one of them. The Blob is an awesome monster movie and non-stop fun the entire film. It also has that small town alien takeover theme to it of the 50’s(well this is a remake). Now throw in Kevin Dillon (Matt Dillon’s lil bro) as the town bad boy and you’ve an instant winner!

3. Dog Soldiers

This was a no brainer for me. This is easily one of my favorite horror movies of the last decade and maybe my favorite werewolf flick of all time. Directed by Neil Marshall (The Descent), this movie follows a group of Soldiers on a training mission in the hills of Scotland. Too bad for them the woods is infested by werewolves. Holed up in a cabin the soldiers have are in a fight for their lives as they try and survive until sunrise. If you haven’t seen this one you need to go rent it now. Trust me it will deliver and have your crowd on the edge of their seats. I first saw this years ago with my parents and they were even glued to the screen!

4. From Beyond

Well one reason why I am choosing this is because I just finally got this one dvd! Just in time too! I have this on vhs but haven’t watched this totally awesome monster movie in years. Well this halloween that will change. This amazing movie from 1986 was directed by Stuart “Reanimator” Gordon. I really don’t need to say a thing about this movie since all you really need to do is view how much horror awesomeness is  in the trailer alone! Check it out!

5. Feast

Ok so you really want a movie that is going to get your halloween horror movie party on track? A movie that will have people laughing and completely grossed out? A movie that is pretty much non stop mayhem from beginning to end? Well this one has it all. It’s short and to the point and is by far one of my favorite horror flicks ever. It takes place in a bar in the middle of the desert with an awesome cast of characters. It has Henry Rollins fending off horny monsters in pink sweat pants. This movie is guaranteed to have your crowd grabbing more beer!

Ok The list go go on and on but I’m positive if you’re looking for some horror movies that will dazzle your guests these five are all winners! Now all I need are some reccomedations from you!


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