Deep Sea Basket case!!!

Just the other evening I posted a couple videos up here about some really awesome deep sea creatures. I was doing a little more research on the whole topic and decided to check out some videos of the Anglerfish. Wow, they are pretty damn creepy fish I must say! After viewing this particular video of an Anglerfish I thought I was onto something BIG! 

This fish would probably get pretty pissed off if you brought him out of the water right? Well what if you took it out of the water and then stuck him in a basket case. Well then what if you decided you were going to take it to New York City for a while and rent a super shitty apartment with TONS of irritating people poking at the basket constantly trying to get a peek inside? Well this could be just a hunch but it would most definately look like this:

So what if it’s true? What If Duane Bradley was actually a deep sea fisherman and stumbled upon an anglerfish? Then took it captive and put it in a wicker basket case. This may force me later this afternoon to rewatch “Basket Case” and search for the real clues to this new mystery!!

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