Captain America #600? The Return…..of bucky?

Hmmm…the return of the heroes reborn Bucky, Rikki Barnes? Captain America #600 may not be what we think at all judging from this teaser poster…



  1. Highball

    this shit better be good….I’ve thought we’ve seen the last of that shit with Onslaught Reborn a few years ago..Dont get me wrong, Im one of the few people that actually loved the whole Onslaught->Heroes Reborn->Heroes Return….But that shit was long over a decade ago….and its not like it was as universe shattering as the DC Crisis’…..Im kinda’ dissapointed that all this hype was for the Franklin Richards’ version of Bucky…. Now if they’re gunna bring back some serious shit….bring back something merit worthy and with balls like Infinity Gauntlet*yah, i know thats gunna be nexts summers deal* But fer real – I was all excited for something fresh (like this Dark Reign thing) but the bread is stale once again….

  2. 1frombeyond

    As my friend Mr. Saturday once said: Let’s all just caaaallm dowwwn.
    #600, at 104 pages, is going to have several short stories featuring Captain America related characters remembering ‘where they were when he died’. Her story will definitely be one of those vignettes rather than anything to do with the actual continuance of the current storyline. Though, she has already been brought into the 616 universe so anything could happen.

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