Captain America #600 Speculation!

I’ve been getting pretty excited for the big anniversary issue (#600) and have been trying to figure out what this huge reveal/development/twist is going to be that Marvel has been so vocal about the last few weeks.

At this point we’ve pretty much all seen the ads for ‘REBORN’ in the last few weeks’ comics, but it seriously raises some interesting questions that may develop in #600:


Who or what is being reborn?

The obvious answer would be the return of Steve Rogers but Brubaker has been building up Bucky for a long time now and the character (as Cap) has only just recently been integrated into the Marvel Universe proper, it would seem illogical to bring Steve back right now. But with the movie in the works, Steve will have to be back by 2010 making it very possible he will return soon.

There’s also a lot of speculation that it has to do with the first Captain America, Isaiah Bradley but this seems doubtful because he’s been only a small part of the Cap mythos for a very short time.

My money is on #600 marking a major chapter in the 1950’s Captain America’s life. We’ve been given little bits of info on him over the last several issues and I think it’s leading to something major for this guy. Could ‘reborn’ be referring to him turning over a new (heroic?) leaf and presenting himself as Captain America to the Marvel Universe public? Or, maybe Norman Osborn will be giving him a ‘second chance’ as a member of his Dark Avengers as their resident Captain America?

Or what if the 50’s Cap as we know him in Brubaker’s arc, is actually the real Steve Rogers? What if it’s not even revealed right away but we get a major clue in #600 and the next year or leads up to the reveal? We know Steve has to come back for sure within the year and I trust Brubaker has been using this character for a good reason yet to be revealed.

What are everyone’s theories on this #600 reveal and it’s possible developments in Brubaker’s story?


  1. petersaturday

    I am with you that norman osborn could have someone as Cap for the Dark Avengers! Bringing back Rogers right now seems to obvious of a choice. I am pretty pumped to see what is actually revealed!

    • Highball

      what pete said…and if you were payin’ attention, when Scarlet Witch went around forming a new team in the last few issues of Mighty Avengers she took Johnny Walker (US Agent) to be the Cap. of the Mighty Avengers-whch are looking like the closest thing to the Avengers we’ve seen in a long ass while…You got US agent, Vision, Stature (giant(wo)man), Wasp (hank Pym), Scarlett Witch, Quicksilver, and Hulk….I know im probably forgetting someone like Carol Danvers or some shit like that…. But as soon as I saw US Agent plucked from Omega Flight , I knew something strange was afoot in the Marevel Universe…Each of the 3 Avengers teams now has a Cap..Not for nuttin’ Im pretty much a DC guy , but this Dark Reign shit has had me on guard since day 1 ….. It nice to have you back Marvel……

  2. JC

    You idiots–Isaiah Bradley wasn’t the first Cap–he was the bi-product of an experiment to re-create Steve’s super soldier serum after the scientist that gave it to Steve was killed. God, even Marvel themselves forgets that. Read the books before calling a legacy character the original.

    • JC's_no_1_fan

      yea lolz!!!!!!!!!! ha ha fuckingidiots hes NOT #1 captin America thats steve roger u mess up about black captin america!!ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGH u make me sooooooo fucken MAD!!! i wish i can punch everone idiots here and Marvel comics insted i tear up my copy of TRUTH now look whut u made me do??? u aint shit now peter saturdays i no whut!! lol fucken loosers!!

      • petersaturday

        Hey hey now. You’re fine….take a deep breath. We all understand that Steve Was The First Cap!

  3. JC's_no_1_fan

    u owe be a new copy of TRUTH!!! how r u goin to pay me back???? lol lol lol fuckingidiots lol! u prolly dont even no who winter solder lol looser!!! ARRRRGGGHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! now u make me spill mountindew evrywere! ARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH i hate you websit and u looser make a mess and i get in trouble for it??? huh? bitch???

  4. petersaturday

    Cap #600 was pretty mediocre. Not much of a reveal excpet that Sharon Carter tells Bucky that she thinks they can save Steve still. We’ll see where this all goes….

    • 1frombeyond

      Where this all goes is…Captain America: Reborn! Which is really just a lead-up arc to SPOILERS AHEAD

      Don’t say I didn’t warn you….

      Last chance….

      NOMAD Reborn: Tales from the trunk!

      I seriously can’t wait for it.

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