The Young Harrison Ford: Should THIS Guy Have Been Cast as HAN SOLO?!

So tomorrow ‘SOLO: A Star Wars Story’ officially will be released here in the USA. Audiences will finally lay down the verdict upon Alden Ehrenreich’s portrayal of one of the most popular characters in pop culture history, good’ ol’ Han Solo. It’s been a long journey with this new movie, from the firing of the original directors, to Ron Howard taking over, to Lando’s new sexuality being debated. Fans of Disney Star Wars are more divided than ever, especially since the backlash against Rian Johnson’s ‘The Last Jedi’, we’ll finally see if ‘Solo’ suffers at all from the supposed “boycott” of the movie by angry fans.

In my opinion, judging from the trailers, I think the ‘Solo’ movie looks like a pretty good time. The only problem I’ve got with it so far is the movie’s portrayl of it’s main character, which I guess is kind of a big problem for a movie about Han Solo. Alden so far, just doesn’t look, sound or feel like the character he’s trying emulate. I can’t cast judgement fully because I haven’t seen the full movie but at this point I kinda wish they’d have cast someone else in the role. Which leads me to my main focus of this post. There’s a guy whose already portrayed a young Harrison Ford on the big screen in the movie ‘Age of Adaline’ from 2015. When I saw this clip below for the first time my mind was completely blown. This guy is so damn convincing portraying a young Harrison Ford, it’s almost a crime he wasn’t considered for the role of Han Solo in the new movie. He even looks like him, sounds exactly like him and has the mannerisms totally down. It’s so spot on it’s a bit perplexing…check this out: 

‘Anthony Ingruber’ is a Canadian actor and he’s had a handful of roles in smaller movies, tv shows and even done some voice acting for more recent Batman video games (Batman: The Enemy Within). He’s clearly got an uncanny knack to channel Harrison Ford that’s for sure. I’m really curious if he indeed tried to audition for the role in Solo? Here he’s again doing a scene from Star Wars as Han Solo:

So my question is: would his version of Han Solo been just too spot on? Is that why if he did audition, they may have been off put by his portrayal? It makes me wonder if it’d been too strange if Chris Pine emulated William Shatner more in his role of ‘Captain Kirk’ in the latest Star Trek movies? I personally think it would’ve been wonderful to have seen Anthony Ingruber given a shot, I get the idea that he’s doing a bit of an elaborate ‘Ford” impersonation, but I think he’s got it down soooo damn well that my eyes AND ears are deceived into actually believing he IS Harrison.

If he needed to tone down the Harrison Ford-isms just a touch I’m sure he’d have been able to make the role of Han his own while giving the fans a pure pitch perfect Han Solo. I’d love to know exactly what this actor’s story is concerning the Solo movie. I think they missed a great opportunity with him playing the character. Someone needs to create a short Han Solo fan film and have this guy in the main role. I’m dying to see what could have been. What do you think? Is he just too spot on? Would people have rejected him in the role? The writing was on the wall with his role in age of adeline…to me it seems like it was a no brainer, Anthony Ingruber should have been considered….but hey what about Indiana Jones? Maybe they’ll consider him if they continue the saga of Doctor Jones in the next installment as the Young indy?  

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