Comic Cover of the Week: Oh How I Miss My Classic HULK !!

Here’s a personal favorite cover of mine way back from 1983! This particular issue was one I must have read 100 times as a kid and I just loved the imagery of the Hulk being attacked by a cluster of The Leader’s pink rubbery silly putty style humanoids. It got me thinking of how much I miss those old classic Hulk story lines and how today we don’t even have Banner or the original classic Hulk anywhere to be found. I realize the old days of the Hulk are likely gone as comic books today are a bit more of a real life social statement. I’m missing those days of the jade giant and Banner fighting monsters, the military and all the cool sci-fi adventures they embarked on. Times have truly changed but they can never take away those classic comics of yesteryear….



  1. targo76

    Takes me back. Thank you. Funny thing is I just read a friend’s article 2 seconds before this and his is about giving the new Hulk a chance. He wrote a great endorsement for it but after seeing this I’m back at square one bitterness again over losing all my childhood comic heroes…thank you lol

    • Peter Saturday

      The new Hulk series as in “Totally awesome Hulk” or “Hulk” where She-Hulk is the Hulk now? I have always been a fan of She-Hulk and I’ve got to check out the new series. I do miss the classic Banner stuff and wish they could find a way to give us more intriguing and fun stories with of course now a bit more “substance” added to the classic formula. At the moment i think Marvel is trying to find it’s identity (and their classic heroes identities) with a new generation of readers. Maybe the classic Hulk style stuff doesn’t work in 2017?

      • targo76

        I speak of Totally Awesome Hulk, I guess the tortured scientist that Banner was isn’t a fun read for kids nowadays. They had to take what was curse and flip it around to be fun. And to have the powers of Hulk would be super fun without the “Banner Baggage” so I get it. At the end of the day I’m just a curmudgeon I guess. I love

      • targo76

        Sorry…damn phone.
        I love the comics I grew up with and sadly I can’t buy comics to just buy them anymore so I’ve been very resistant to the changes over the past decade.

  2. Peter Saturday

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    They just don’t make Marvel Comics like they used to! #incrediblehulk #marvelcomics #vintagehulk #1980s

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