Five Classic Villains For Netflix’s Daredevil & The Defenders!

I haven’t quite made it through the entire season two of Netflix’s Daredevil yet but I’m slowly chipping away. So far so good though, I dig the first season more but this one’s still a good time. One thing I’m hoping for is an appearance by one of Daredevil’s classic villains. Some of them clearly might not work with the show’s more serious tone, say like Stilt Man or Mister Fear might not feel right on the Netflix show which is much more grounded in reality than the Marvel movie universe. However this show is in need of more real villains. So here are five villains I think would be perfect for the show and The upcoming Defenders series (I left out Bullseye because of course we all know he’d be on the list automatically) :


This guy would be perfect for the show’s more serious street level tone. If they could bring the sinister albino giant to life on screen I think it’d be quite a spectacle. I think of a classic battle much like the incredible Bruce Lee Game of Death sequence with Kareem Abdul Jabbar.


Tombstone has a past with Hell’s Kitchen in the comic books and he’d make for the perfect bad guy in season three!


We all know that Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock gets involved with pretty much every and any beautiful woman on screen. It makes me feel a bit bad for Foggy, but whatever I guess Matt’s just too sexy for his own good somehow which leads me to Typhoid Mary.

Let’s let Matt’s wandering eye really get the best of him. Typhoid Mary could bring a new level of creepiness to the show and really screw up Murdock’s life on screen for all of our entertainment. Let’s see this twisted lady take the show to a whole new level of messed up!


First off that’s NOT Wolverine above…..It’s the Owl.  Now we all know that Leland Owlsley never became the classic villain we all hoped he might be in season one, heck he even bit the dust. However his character mentioned he had a son so let’s bring in Leland Jr. to go completely psycho all over Charlie and take over as the new Kingpin of crime.


Let’s also keep his classic look as well because if it was done right we’d have one helluva freaky ass villain for the Netflix show!


This weirdo gangster has appeared more in the Spider-man comic books, but he’d be the perfect villain to introduce into Hell’s Kitchen. I think it’d be awesome to see Daredevil square off with with a gangster who’s had reconstructive surgery giving him a titanium skull.

This guy would also be a more believable villain to pull off as his look / costume isn’t too extraordinary but also menacing once we see this freak in action. It’s also be a great way to introduce the Maggia crime syndicate to the show.


The Netflix show is clearly flirting with the idea of bringing the Gladiator to life as we’ve already seen Melvin Potter a number of times on the show. Now unless I’m late to the party and he appears yet in the last few episodes of season two then I think it’s only a matter of time before ol’ Melvin suits up with those deadly blades and hits the street.


They could modify his suit a bit as to not be too flashy, but if anyone is most likely to appear on this show it’s this awesome villain!!



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