Brian Posehn Couldn’t Even Make Deadpool Funny!

I just got done reading the new Marvel Now! Deadpool issue number one. This issue was co-written by Brian Posehn, a move Marvel has made to truly show you just how “hilarious” Deadpool is as a character. Though the issue was a decent fun read I expected a lot more in the comedy department having Posehn attached to this. The thing is I really do like Deadpool! He’s got cool powers, the Weapon X connection, a rad costume however this guy just isn’t funny. I have never read an issue where Deadpool is actually funny.

More so I would say he’s one of those guys that think’s he’s a genius comic genius when in actuality you just want him to keep his trap shut! I know you know someone like this, they never quit either they just keep cracking “quirky” jokes that no one laughs at with the ferocity of the Energizer Bunny.

So that’s the guy Deadpool is to me. The annoying friend who doesn’t know when to quit. He’s not funny. He’s just irritating. For some reason I don’t think that’s the guy Marvel thinks Deadpool is though. Hell they even got the brilliant Posehn on his side and he still just comes across like a stale donut. Besides that fact that I just had to put out there, the new issue was a fun read overall with nice artwork by Tony Moore. It follows a story of ex Presidents of the USA who are brought back to life as evil zombie versions of themselves, plotting to take over the country. Naturally S.H.I.E.L.D. hires Deadpool to take them down. I will be around for issue number two just for my love of Posehn and Moore, however we’ll see if the laughs improve over time.

I have to ask you all am I crazy? Is Deadpool actually funny? Am I missing something? Is my sense of humor cracked? If he has ever been funny what issues showcase his comedic brilliance?


  1. xmenxpert

    Deadpool’s really funny . . . when he’s miserable. Joe Kelly’s run on the character, or Rick Remender’s use of him in Uncanny X-Force, show how downright hilarious the character can be. But he only works when his humour is combined with pathos.

    You’re largely correct about how he’s been for far too long. Marvel really does want to present Deadpool as a “hilarious” character. And Posehn and Duggan certainly seem to think of him as “OMG so zany and weird seriously you guys he’s so crazy LOL!!!1one”. And that misses the entire point of the character. Even the art on this book treats it as a cartoon.

    But Deadpool is an inherently tragic character. The point of the character – and this goes all the way back to his first mini (The Circle Chase, 1993) – is that he wants to be better than he believes he is. He’s always struggling to be a better man. But he really doesn’t believe he can be. So he always fails. But he keeps trying.

    The other thing writers generally don’t seem to get about Deadpool is his insanity. Yes, it’s part of what makes him funny. But it also makes him frightening. Because insanity isn’t quirkiness. Insanity – actual insanity – is scary. But aside from Remender, none of Deadpool’s writers over the past few years have wanted to explore just how frightening that insanity can be.

    If you want to see Deadpool at his best, track down Joe Kelly’s run on the character, starting in 1998. You should also read through Uncanny X-Force. You can also try Deadpool’s two minis in the ’90s, The Circle Chase and Sins of the Past. They’re both pretty good. Still, there’s basically no debate that Joe Kelly’s run was the definitive take on the character. The only people who don’t think so are the ones who never read it.

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