Happy Easter! Just Another Reason to Showcase This Awesome Cover Again!

Happy Easter! Yeah Easter egg hunts, Cadbury eggs, Easter baskets and of course bunnies! So you know what that means? Yes time to showcase the worst comic book team up EVER yet again! Superman & The Quik Bunny!!! This is NOT the first time this cover has graced the blog and it won’t be the last! I used to own this comic as a kid as you could order it from Quik that yummy powder chocolate milk mix drink! Boy even back in the day I thought this comic book sucked! Nothing cool about it at all just “Quiky” the lame bunny and Superman taking on the Weather Wizard. My question is did Superman really need the help of the mother fucking Quik Bunny to defeat the Weather Wizard?!!

Well you know what? You’d think this Quik Bunny comic book bullshit would stop right there but nope! Apparently Marvel was SO impressed with how bad ass the Quik Bunny was in the DC Superman/Quiky team up one shot that they decided to cross him over into the Marvel Universe! Yeah Marvel then teams him up with Spider-man!

There you have it folks! HAPPY EASTER!!

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