The Trailer For “The Thing” Prequel Finally Arrives!!

Finally the brand spankin’ new trailer for the prequel to probably my favorite sci-f i / horror movie ever has arrived! The Thing (strangely named the same) will be arriving in theaters in October and from the looks of this new trailer it’s definitely on the right track! I have been a bit worried about it since I first heard of it being made as the 1982 Carpenter version is probably the best creature feature of all time using incredible puppetry and animatronics to make The Thing come alive.

 Still today it’s effects are untouchable and I’m wondering how much of this new prequel will be straight cg? Only time will tell if this movie will truly have the inventive feel of the ’82 versions monster. The good news here is that from this trailer here you can see it so far fits nicely with the time period and vibe of Carpenter’s version-I’ve got my fingers crossed but we’ll just all just have to wait and see….

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