Alice Cooper’s Monster Identity Crisis!

I loved it in the 80’s when rock stars starred in bad horror movies! One such movie, which is a real stinker is Monster Dog from 1984 starring Alice Cooper. What really do you expect from Claudio Fragasso, best know for directing Troll 2?! C’mon! So yes let me be honest with you this movie is pretty bad-but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s redeeming qualities!

The plot is simple, Cooper stars as Vincent Raven, the world’s hottest rock star and he’s traveling back to his home town to make a new hot fresh video (which by the way is a total piece of shit once you see how it turns out)! He brings along a bunch of his annoyingly square friends, who on their way to his old creepy childhood mansion home run into…..a god damn monster dog (and the token creepy crazy old dude who tells them they’re all….DOOMED)!!

Yet most of the towns people think it’s a pack of wild dogs doing the killing (truth be told the pack of dogs are pretty pathetic looking), there’s also group of homophobic hillbillies that seem to think Cooper is the creature himself and end up storming the mansion with shot guns to take ol’ Alice and put him six feet under! They apparently don’t understand that Alice is an ass kicker with a shotgun-and not the monster dog they seek-not yet at least! So yeah you get the premise…

There’s a couple original Cooper songs in the film and some really shitty ass videos he trying to make. The movie also is dubbed horribly, filmed wretchedly and most surprising is the fact that Alice actually comes across as a preppy wholesome yuppie square! There’s also some really shitty creature puppetry going on here in this one as the monster dog looks like something some teenagers would make for a high school version of little red riding hood on a thirty dollar budget. Either way it is nice to see Alice blow some guys heads off with a shotgun as he prances around as Vincent Raven. Mostly for me it was cool to finally see this hokey horror flick because as a kid I used to see this one’s bad ass cover at the video store all the time-now the mystery of Monster Dog was finally revealed…..

Check out this vid below as you get a song called “Identity Crisis” from the movie and pretty much you get the gist of the entire movie too!


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