The Best Horror Film of 2011?

Last night was an epic evening at the theater! You know the kind of experience where afterwards you feel like you hung out at an amusement park for and hour and a half? Yeah it was that fun and worth every penny spent. I have to say I had pretty low expectations for  James Wan’s newest flick “Insidious”. I was not a fan of the Saw franchise, I thought Dead Silence was anything but scary and Death Sentence was hokey as hell.

So why the hell did I shell out the money for this one? Pure chance..But a chance well taken as I am willing to bet this one is going to be my favorite horror movie of 2011. That’s saying a lot too as you rarely see any horror films worth a damn being released in the theaters now days let alone with a PG-13 rating as this one sports.

Well if you’re looking for something that will make your skin crawl and send shivers  up and down your spine then look no further! Insidious is an extremely well crafted ghost story taking nods from Poltergeist & The Entity but still having enough originality to stand tall on it’s own. It starts out as a typical haunted house movie but soon explodes into an extremely tense, creepy roller coaster that will have you clutching your seat and grinding your teeth. It really wouldn’t be fair to give away too much but what I can tell you is that yes it involves a child and like Poltergeist  entities seemingly obsessed with him.

There’s really not a dull moment the entire movie and for a PG-13 flick this one’s one of the most effective ghost stories I’ve ever seen. Also excellent was the route they chose with the movie’s special effects, the CG was kept at a bare minimum and most of the scares relied on mood, creepy sounds, camera angles and good old physical make up. This one has it all and it’s really the perfect Saturday night popcorn flick. It proves once again that a good horror film doesn’t need to be gory, sadistic, torture porn to make you cringe in your seat. I have to say James Wan just made a new name for himself in the world of horror and I’m looking forward to whatever he does next! Hopefully a sequel!

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