Top 5 Action Stars for The Expendables 2!

So it’s been confirmed that The Expendables 2 is a go and now what everyone is wondering is who is going to be added to this list of action stars for the second time around? Well all you out there in Hollywood take a seat and listen up-here’s who you gotta put in the next movie! Now I’m only adding people from the 80’s to this list-if you take my advice you’ll definately give the people what they were really hoping for out of the first one-big dumb one liners, lots of real explosions and a lot of fun! I have also just recently heard that Bolo Yeung may possibly be appearing in the sequel-and I have to say if so we’re on the right track here-brilliant!!

1. Chuck Norris – Ok so maybe Chuck is a little old as he just turned 71-but who the hell cares! I am sure he could still throw down a little bit right? Or maybe he could be an evil mastermind or an old wise good guy? I really don’t care just get Walker’s ass in this movie now! Lets not forget how much of a bad ass good ol’ Chuck is!

2. Michael Dudikoff – Ok did all you guys forget about American Ninja? Avenging Force? Dudikoff was the master action star of the 80’s who’s often forgotten! This guys kicked so much serious ass in the 80’s he deserves another shot in the big leagues-he’s only 56 yeah only 56-that’s almost 10 years younger than Sly!

3. Mr. T – Seriously T needs to get his ass in the next Expendables in a bad way! He’s the ultimate bad ass STILL! You’ve seen him around on tv and comercials but what we really need to see him doing again is kicking some ass!! He’s a perfect addition to the film and believe me Hollywood you wanna get people excited about the second film put Mr. T in it and let the hype machine explode!

4. Christopher Lambert – What you forgot about good ol’ Chris? He was also an ass kicking machine in the 80’s! From the Highlander series, to Greystoke the Legend of Tarzan, to Fortress you can bet he’s been around the block as an action star! It’s time to put him alongside or against Sly and crew!!

5. Roddy Piper / Hulk Hogan – Hell one of these two legends should kick some booty in this upcoming movie! Both were rivals and both still could pack a mean punch! Both were in some cool ass movies too, well at least Piper was- remember “They Live” and “Hell Comes to Frogtown”?

Hey Hogan went up against Stallone in Rocky 3 too! These guys are getting up there as well in age but I think they got one last fight in them!!


  1. christopher

    Roddy Piper would be fucking awesome!! Mr.T is a big jackass now if he wouldnt do the new A-Team because of it being “too violent” he sure as shit wont do anything as violent and epic as the expendables!

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