Leave it to Lucas to Suck it up Even More!!

I am sure everyone has heard about The Phantom Menace arriving in theaters once again soon this time in 3-D? Geez just when we were all about to forget about that mega turd bomb of a film you just knew Lucas was going to find a way to bring that shit back and try and shove the turds down our throats once again! This time he means business too! This time he really wants  you to see just how fucking god damn awful this films was-so he went and made it in 3-D…No this time you will NEVER erase it from your memory!

Apparently he’s trying to get interest in the Star Wars merchandise again, um Lucas do you really need yet another paycheck for this shit? How can you sleep at night? He also said he wants to bring it to a younger audience, attempting to infect young minds with this wretched steaming pile! Well brace yourself once again for a good long look at some of the WORST acting and the WORST big budget CG money can buy….


    • petersaturday

      oh my god there’s nothing in the world you could say to make me like that movie!!!! It’s like a bunch of actors super imposed into a nintendo game cube game!!!!

  1. christopher

    I disagree…I think ILM did an amazing job like they’ve done on all the star wars films and trek and Pirates and the lists go on and on…They didn’t just use Cg they also used models and rubber suits and wooden sets just like they’ve always done.I’ve watched how all of the films were made and they utilize many many aspects of film making and special effect work not just CG.The film is made in the tone of the old buck rogers and flash gordon serials more so then any other one of the episodes.The dry dialogue the stiff acting were all done by choice…I personally never watched a star wars film to see oscar worthy acting I just wanted space battles,weird aliens and lightsabers.So far George has never let me down when it comes to Star Wars.

    • petersaturday

      Oh my god I have to disagree…The Phantom Menace and Attack of the clones actually make me sick to my stomach!!

  2. christopher

    Lol…Thats how I feel about “The Last Airbender” So I take it you actually liked “Revenge of the Sith”?Also what are your thoughts on The Clone Wars cartoon?

    • petersaturday

      You know I actually dug the revenge of the Sith! It felt more like the original vision..still some reaaaally bad bad acting…but good! I haven’t seen the clone wars cartoon-is it worth a view?

  3. christopher

    I think you’ll dig the clone wars a lot!! I honestly would be surprised if you didn’t like it the first episode is like a mini Yoda movie and its fucking cool as hell season 3 has covered a lot of ground and set up things that take place in the original trilogy its tying it all together even more so then the movies did…..on a side note I found this from a Time magazine article from 1983…”The films that record what went on in the beginning—if they are ever made—will be altogether different in look and tone from the existing trilogy, says Lucas. They will be more melodramatic, showing the political intrigue and Machiavellian plotting that led to the downfall of the once noble Republic. They will have only enough outward action to keep the plot moving. Obi-Wan Kenobi, the elderly Jedi who was played by Alec Guinness in the Star Wars series, and Darth Vader will be seen as younger men, while Luke Skywalker may make a brief appearance as a baby in Episode III.” So there ya have it they feel different from original movies because that was his intention all along.I’m not trying to change your mind on them if they didn’t tickle your pickle that’s just how it rolled but the idea that Lucas lost his vision for the movies is just plain false.

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