Go Find The Hole!!

I finally got to see the latest Joe Dante movie last night! Needless to say “The Hole” was everything I was hoping for it to be and more! The only problem is that this great little movie hasn’t been released here in the USA yet-so I found a copy of it on Ebay, and import copy to be more precise. It has been released abroad in 3-D in theaters but has yet to hit the states-and I have been wondering if it will indeed ever make it to theaters?

Well I will tell you this much-it’s exactly what you want out of a Joe Dante flick-just a lot of great fun! A horror movie that’s a throw back to old classics like Gremlins, Poltergeist and The Gate! The whole family could enjoy this one but trust me it does have some seriously creepy moments! This is the kind of movie that had it been released in the 80’s would be a classic today-that alone makes me wonder if that could be the very reason why it hasn’t hit theaters yet? It’s special effects are a throwback as well-very little cg here folks mainly relying on cool puppetry and make up this little movie was a breath of fresh air. It’s simple yet intriguing plot will make you feel like a kid again.


On very similar turf as the The Gate, one of the best little 80’s horror movies, The Hole revolves around three kids who upon moving into a new house discover a strange hole covered by a trap door in their basement. This hole however appears to have no bottom and once opened some spooky things begin to happen to all three kids including a creepy ass clown doll that terrorizes the youngest. It’s simply A LOT of fun and a perfect popcorn flick-one that really makes me look forward to yet another Dante Classic!


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