Peter Parker: From Super Nerd to Super Douche Bag!!

Well folks here he is in all of his douchey glory-Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker!! It looks like they’ve got a new look for the new Spider-man and this time it looks like this prick will most likely be hanging outside smokin’ cigs on the football field with Flash Thompson this time around. I gotta say I’m really not so pumped on this revamping of the Spider-man franchise. To me it just feels a little on the cheap side. Either that or maybe Peter Parker is now modeling for J. Crew as his part time high school job? Or maybe he’s singing for some whiny emo band? Whatever the case this is makin’ me miss Tobey in a bad way! 

 Peter Parker is a nerd not a douche…Hollywood you suck!


    • petersaturday

      He was actually pretty damn good as spidey in the first two movies-Remember the first Spider-man started off in high school and I think he was a pretty dead on Peter Parker in looks and attitude. But yeah I agree spider-man 3 was wretched.So far I think this new vesion looks like shit! Thus my theory that comic books are better as comics books-not movies..

  1. christopher

    Lol I think you need to wait for more then just two random pics from the set before you judge it so harshly.I dont feel like the first spiderman trilogy got anything right about spiderman except for J jonah jameson I wish they’d recast that guy he was so perfect!Tobey sucked and was mopey for 3 movies.Kirsten Dunst was a horrible choice for MAry J.Green Goblin looked awful.Doctor Octopus was done well…I cant think of anything else I like about those movies when I tried to re watch the first one I couldnt finish it.

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