Comic Book Cover of the Week! More Sandman!

Here’s another cover that I totally dig and yeah surprisingly enough it’s got the Sandman on it again-This time crushing the Hulk way back in The Incredible Hulk #113! Back in the day though the Sandman was not exclusively busting Peter Parkers chops but was also going toe to toe with The Hulk pretty regularly. There’s something so undeniably cool about the Sandman and this classic cover shows how rad he was even way back when in his alternate costume! Covers like these make me hope that some day we’re rid of the Red Hulk, A-bomb and the current confusing mess that now floods the pages of the jade giant…   


  1. petersaturday

    I love the Sandman’s old look! Those hulk back issues are alot of fun to read-great old school brawls!!

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