Guilty Pirate Pleasures…

So I guess it could be said that the Pirates of the Carribean movies were somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me. Really I was pretty dang impressed with all three of them-least impressed with the third film. But hey I own them all on dvd. So now we finally get to see what the fourth film, which will be starting a new trilogy will be like. I must say it looks pretty damn fun. Alot of people too are complaining that Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley aren’t in this one-however that’s one of the BEST selling points for this new installment! I personally couldn’t care less about the two of them and am so glad that we don’t have to deal with their “tender love” once again in this next movie. This one look like it’s really about the pirates this time-and personally I can’t wait to get back on board…


  1. christopher

    I wanna be excited for this but not much in the trailer really looks half as grand and epic as the goings on of the last two movies…but hey trailers dont mean shit a good bit of time so im sure ill have a damn good time at this.I just hope its not almost 3 hours.

    • petersaturday

      I really enjoyed the more subtle vibe of the first movie-the second and third were great-but maybe a little too crazy at times? I think the second two of this trilogy may get pretty crazy though!!

  2. christopher

    I like how over the top the later two parts got the first one just bored me when Sparrow wasn’t on screen.When I watch the first one I skip at least 50 minutes out of it loll.

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