Spooky Encounters – Kung Fu Horror at it’s BEST!!

Last night I had the pleasure of viewing an amazing movie I had never seen before from the 80’s! Spooky Encounters was something that had sat in my online que for months until it finally arrived for me in the mail. What I saw was one of the coolest horror comedies of the 80’s! I guess for me it was so rad because I have never really seen a movie quite like it-kinda like Sam Raimi directing a kung fu movie back when he still made unique and exciting cinema ( I suppose he redeemed himself with Drag Me to Hell-but it takes alot to recover from Spider-man 3!).

 It’s pretty much got all that you need, great kung fu, a great soundtrack, ghosts, kung fu zombies and Sammo Hung’s (the movie’s star) comedic genius! So much that it’s jumped to the top of my list of dvd purchases!

This movie changed Hong Kong cinema as it was the first movie to combine kung fu with horror and comedy. It’s funny too this movie having been filmed in 1980 is surprisingly well shot and crammed full of spectacular original kung fu battles unlike any you’ve probably ever seen.

 Hung’s perfect as the movies underdog oafy hero, whose quite impressive with his kung fu skills and choreography as he was also the film’s director Plus his very last words of the movie put the icing on the cake here. Really if you enjoy a great horror comedy put down your copy of Shaun of the Dead and get this instead! You won’t be disappointed! From what I understand there was a sequel made 10 years later in 1990 and I am pretty stoked to check out! This movie also goes by the title “Encounters of the Spooky Kind” check this shit out!

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