The Walking Dead Officially Filming!

Hell yeah! The news on the street is that Frank Darbont is offically finally filming the first 6 epsiodes of The Walking Dead as I type this! The best comic book series out there is, I guarantee it, going to become the best tv series ever. They couldn’t have found a better director either as Darabont knows how to give the tension the tv series will need to become a masterpiece. The Mist is good proof of what he can do, I mean quite honestly the cgi used in that film was pretty damn pathetic yet the acting and direction was so well done it made me forget how fake everything looked.

I also read on at Bloody Disgusting that Darabont is basing alot of the zombie action on the original Night of the Living Dead. He’s gone on to say the zombies will be slow moving but also stated ” Whether they’re in a very languid state or they’re on the attack, they’ll move no faster than that first zombie in Night of the Living Dead.” That’s perfect for me as the whole fast running zombie thing is a little extreme and honestly kinda ridiculous for dead dudes. Though as Darabont states a “pretty good jog” as the first zombie in the NOTLD displayed is perfect.

So yeah I say this series is going to be huge. There has NEVER been anything like it on tv and if it measures anywhere near as amazing as the comic book is it’ll definately be the new Lost! Hopefully though when it’s all said and done The Walking Dead will have a much more rewarding ending! The Walking Dead premieres this October on AMC!!! I am counting down the days…..  

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