Late Night Laughs…

Well sometimes nights can get awfully boring for a dork late at night on a Monday in 2010. Sometimes even a little bit depressing and you find yourself grabbing a six pack of beer at 11:00 pm by yourself. Tonight I just decided I needed a drink so I got some Pabst and a lemon. Yeah well you know there’s nothing wrong with putting a lemon in your PBR! Really you can actually trick yourself into thinking you’re drinking some rad mexican beer with a little imagination. Anyway that’s a monday night really, what’s supposed to happen right? Let’s face it blogging is alot better with a few beers.

So I was thinking of things that might turn a dark cold rainy night in Portland Oregon a little bit brighter. I found a few clips that I think are pretty damn funny. First up is just a short clip from Family Guy that I think is one of the most funny moments ever put into any of the episodes. Being a big fan of Popeye too doesn’t hurt. Yeah I’m a fan of the live action movie too with Robin Williams. I don’t care what anyone says that movie is epic as shit! After I saw it as a kid I dressed up like Popeye and ran around the neighborhood with a can of green beans (I couldn’t find any real spinach in our pantry) like a maniac! Anway this clip is classic and certainly clears up any rumours about the mystery man that is Popeye…

Next is a clip from a movie that I think is easily one of the most funny movies of all time, Stir Crazy. Talk about an actual real funny buddy movie? This is it. Forget about Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker. The true originators are Richard Pryor & Gene Wilder. They did several movies together but this one I think is easily their best. There are so many gut busting scenes in this movie but this one always makes me laugh..

Ok best anytime I feel a little blue I watch Shatner’s version of Rocketman. Really there’s not much I can say about this because it clearly speaks for itself. If you haven’t ever seen this you best get ready for Shat on crack! This will blow your mind. If you have seen it just sit back and enjoy this once again…it never seems to get old…

Ok lastly there was believe a time believe it or not when Eddie Murphy was funny! Yeah it true Delirious proves it! Not really sure what the hell happened to him over the years but I often wonder what would happen if Eddie returned to the stand up scene? Well let’s take a second look at Murphy do what he used to do best which was basically make fun of everyone! Check out his take on Michael Jackson from 1983!

Oh and Stevie Wonder too..

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