Dungeon Masters & the Real World…

Finally a movie I can really relate too, The Dungeon Masters! Well, we’ll see I guess, but nonetheless a movie centered around the lives of three Dungeon Masters. I guess this movie is showing what the life is like of those who are completely immersed in the culture and subculture of Dungeons & Dragons. How they deal with the real world and the role their fantasy world plays in their every day living. I know that there are groups of people who play D&D religiously almost every day of the week. People who LARP as well every weekend. I do play D&D though at the moment there is no game we’re playing, I am looking forward to the next adventure. I definately look forward to seeing this movie and seeing how different our lives are or maybe how similar they are. I’m also interested to see the game play of the different Dungeon Masters and what kind of game and environment they produce for their players.

 I’d say the groups I have played in have been pretty hardcore. Sometimes we’ve dressed up, we play in the basement by candlelight, have only soundtrack music playing ( Mortiis & Midnight Syndicate ect), power metal (Blind Guardian, Tyr, Elvenking) when in battle often graces the boombox and most importantly we have all agreed that everyone must speak in a new voice as their actual character would sound. I am hoping that this movie will have similar ideas and something new to offer other than the whole stereotype of gamers and Larpers.

Here’s the synopsis: “An evil drow elf is displaced by Hurricane Katrina. A sanitation worker lures friends into a Sphere of Annihilation. A failed supervillian starts a cable-access show involving ninjas, puppets, and a cooking segment. These are the characters, real and imagined, of The Dungeon Masters: Against the backdrop of crumbling middle-class America, two men and one woman devote their lives to Dungeons and Dragons, the storied role-playing game, and its various descendants.

 “As their baroque fantasies clash with mundane real lives, the characters find it increasingly difficult to allay their fear, loneliness, and disappointment with the game’s imaginary triumphs. Soon the true heroic act of each character’s real life emerges, and the film follows each as he or she summons the courage to face it. Along the way, The Dungeon Masters reimagines the tropes of classic heroic cinema, creating an intimate portrait of minor struggles and triumphs writ large.”

Check out the trailer:


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  2. AerenCarter

    I dont normally comment on blogs, but your post, Dungeon Masters & the Real World… « Universal Dork , was well written and made me want to read more of your work. Well done and keep it up.

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