Bigfoot Battles an Alien!

If you’re looking for a good epic back issue to pick up along with your new releases on Wednesday look no further! I am recommending one of my all time favorite back issues ever! Of course it’s no secret that I love Alpha Flight! I honestly can’t wait for someone to give it the reboot it needs in the Marvel Universe today. It seems it’s been tried several times and it just never seems to be even  remotely close to as good as the original John Byrne Run. Which leads me to one of my favorite issues from 1984. Alpha Flight # 10!


Of course if you really want the whole story you should really pick up #9 as well but if you wanna cut straight to the action this issue delivers the goods with Byrne’s amazing artwork. Basically the story goes something like this, Walter Langkowski (Sasquatch) is out in an icy remote cosmic ray research station in Canada working with a small team of scientists investigating some strange readings of well…cosmic rays! Well it turns out that what they eventually find is The Thing who suddenly appears out of nowhere out in the icy tundra.

Yeah this story has a kinda John Carpenter “Thing” vibe to it suprisingly.  Thinking that the Thing had returned from space (since this was era where Ben Grimm quit the Fantastic Four and decided to stay in outer space after Secret Wars I believe) they rescue him and bring him to the station hoping to help the unconcious superhero. Well it turns out that this was not the Thing at all! Infact the body goes missing and Langkowski discovers one of his team doctor’s body burnt to a crisp. This sends him out into the mountains after the suspected kidnapper, following his trail through the snow. Instead what he finds is The Super Skrull who was merely posing as the Thing!

Yeah in case you didn’t know the Super Skrull has the powers of all of the Fantastic Four and is one of the coolest villains ever. He destroys the station and then begins to toy with Langkowski. Chasing him down injuring him severely for mere amusement. Little does he know he’s in for a good ass whooping as it doesn’t take long for Lankowski to transform into Sasquatch. The best thing about this battle is the way Sasquatch eventually wins the fight, using his brains rather than the ultra savage beast that Sasquatch is slowly becoming. He tricks the Super Skrull into thinking he’s a mere midless beast helping him construct what the Super Skrull believes to be a machine that will send him back home but really scatters his atoms across space.

This is a great concept I always enjoyed as well having mismatched super battles. The Super Skrull was the last villain I expected to see go up against Sasquatch. But it’s always cool to see villains and heroes not up against their usual foes. And let’s face it nobody draws the Super Skrull or Sasquatch as good as Byrne…  

 This issue also has a five page origin story of everybody’s favorite canadian superhero Northstar. It’s a fun read so if you got the cash pick up issue #9 too for a fun classic 80’s adventure!


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