The Invaders Join Captain America Movie Cast!!!

I have been saying for quite a while here that I’ve been hoping for some real concrete news on the Captain America movie and finally some has arrived! This is what I have heard so far. First, as we all guessed it’s been confirmed, according to Ain’t it Cool News that The Red Skull will indeed be the villain (duh) and I assume Hitler will be chumming around with him too. Secondly they’re supposedly they are going to make Cap’s costume a bit more like it was in the earlier days I’m guessing like something between the The Ultimates 40’s Cap and current days non Bucky Cap.

Third and most exciting of the news is that Captain America will be joined on the big screen by The Invaders!! Joe Johnston told CHUD that The Invaders would be featured in the entire second half of the movie and would be a major prescence in the storyline. He also said that the team would include 6 members! There were quite a few members they could choose from but personally I hope they include Union Jack, Namor, The Human Torch or Toro! Anyway this is some pretty rad news that makes this movie even more exciting!  

Also they’re currently down to half-a-dozen unknown ‘American’ actors for the lead role and supposedly the Invaders will be played by actors with a little more star power. March 1st is the date that he needs choose his Cap by so we’ll know very soon who will be starring!


  1. TJ

    AWESOME!! I frickin LOVE the Invaders.

    Invaders #20 (pictured) is one of the comics I had since I was a little kid. Don’t even know where I got it, I had it before I even started really collecting at age 10.

  2. petersaturday

    Yeah this is awesome news! I am so glad it’s taking place in the 40’s too! Now they just need to add Baron Blood to the villains!!

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