John Byrne teaches you how to draw The THING!

I was just reading a few back issues today preparing to do some “Back Issue Gold” blogs in the next couple days and ran across this awesome feature in the back of The THING #5 from 1983 that I totally forgot about. It’s an awesome “How to Draw the Thing” by the BEST Thing artist ever Mr. John Byrne. When I was a kid I actually used this to help draw some of the many pictures of the Thing I did. I am a huge fan of the Thing’s solo series John Byrne wrote in the 80’s and though he didn’t draw it he was kind enough to give us the scoop on how we could draw ol’ Ben Grimm correctly. So everyone get out your pencils and get ready to sketch and learn from the master-nobody can draw the Thing quite like Mr. Byrne!

You want more Byrne? Check it out!

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