Digital Comic Books and The Economy…

Well times are tough right now financially for alot of people and I must say I have been feeling it a bit lately as well. There was a time not too long ago when I was able to go to the comic book shop and take a chance on a few new titles a week and then also get my regular titles as well. Not the case recently for me. In fact i have just started going back to comic book shop the past few weeks. Now though I am very selective on what comics I pick up and which ones I take a chance on. With many of the titles now being four bucks a pop and taking about ten minutes or under to read the small amount of content it really is time to get picky in any economy. It seemed like once the economy did get bad most comics prices jacked up even higher. I would have hoped for the reverse effect.

 So what’s a guy to do about his comic book obession?! One option I have been throwing around in my head has been the digital comic book. I realize this is not a totally new concept but it’s one that I never imagined I would ever consider. I actually went to the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited site last night and checked it out. It appears for $4.99 a month you get access to brand new weekly releases(I think) and a catalog thousands of older back issues. It sounds pretty cool huh?

I checked out an old issue of Alpha Flight there online in one of their free previews and it was pretty impressive actually. The pages turn, you can zoom in ect. I was almost sold on the idea. How ever yesterday I was also reading some of my old comics too and I must say I am not quite sure I can go digital just yet. I would miss physically holding the comic book, taking it with me to read, loaning them and trading with friends. I personally wish they would just lower their prices a bit or at the very least add another ten pages of story. It’s time for something to change with comic books but I am just not sure it’s to go all the way to the digital medium.

I personally miss the old news print pages and at times I’m very turned off by the glossy, computerized look of comics today. Also if you check out an older comic book it’s a fact they packed in more panels and more story per issue. Well perhaps my mind will shortly change with digital comic books, perhaps I’ll throw down five bucks this week and see what a month of it is like. If I read all my Marvel stuff digitally I would have alot more room for all the rest that’s for sure. I guess I can’t knock it until I try it….


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