Animated Jems of the 80’s that Rocked too!

I have been gearing up for quite sometime here to do a list of the Ten Best Animated Movies Ever and though I have most of my picks in mind I recently discovered two movies I desperately need to see before choosing the final ten. Now keep in mind when making this list I am not including computer animated movies like Shrek or Ice Age. I am compiling movies that were hand drawn animation. Well the other day while looking for images from Maximum Overdrive I ran across a movie poster online that brought back some memories as a child. The 1984 movie “Warriors of the Wind”….

Well to be honest I have never seen this movie but I do remember the poster from my childhood as it looked like a spin off of the Heavy Metal Movie of the 80’s. Well what I found out were a couple different interesting things. The first being that this movie was re-released here with major hollywood actors such as Shia Labeouf, Uma Thurman and Patrick Stewart revoicing the film. Released under the the name Nausicaa.

 I had no idea until recently that these were infact the same movie. Also another interesting fact is that as it was released in 1984 here in the USA it was edited so drastically for US audiences that major plot points of the movie changed. The strangest thing perhaps though of all is that the characters shown on the movie poster above don’t actually appear in the movie. I am now awaiting to finally see Warriors of Wind in it’s entirety, or, uh, ahem Nausicaa…  


Another movie I stumbled upon was Rock & Rule. Which I have also never seen but I must say am quite excited to view! This Canadian rock and roll fantasy fantasy follows the an evil rockstar named Mok who’s searching for the “voice” that can summon a demon from another dimension to do his bidding. This movie’s soundtrack features Cheap Trick, Earth Wind & Fire, Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed and from the looks of the trailer seems  like it’s gonna be a good time. I immediately found the 2 disc dvd on on ebay for a nice low price. what a steal!

 Once again more movies that have somehow slipped through my fingers but am glad they have so I can see them for a first. So stay tuned soon as well as I list Universal Dorks’s best animated flicks of all time!

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