New Years Themed Movies that will get the party started!

The holidays are still raging on and next up is the ever festive New Years! Big plans this year? Well if you’re choosing to chill at home with some friends and a bunch of booze this New Years you may wanna get out there and rent some movies! That’s why I’m giving you a list of a few movies that take place on New Years to entice your audience with. Good thing about these flicks are that each one gets more enjoyable with some liquor! You’d think there’d be alot more New Years themed movies out there worth watching but the truth is the pickins are a bit on the slim side for some reason. So without any further ramblings let’s get the celebration started!  

 First up is New Years Evil. This slasher flick rooted on New Years (duh!) is about an iconic TV punk personality Diane Sullivan as she reports the countdown to the new year while being harrassed by a psycho killer! She gets a weird phone call that states that upon New Years in every time zone a woman who he deems as naughty will be punished and killed. She’s then informed that she will indeed be the last one on her list that he kills! This movie proves that New Years is the perfect setting for a slasher movie and a killer theme song!

Next up is Rudolph’s Shiny New Year. Like me you probably just didn’t get enough of the most brilliant of all Christmas specials (with The Adventures of Santa Claus almost at a tie for first place) Rankin Bass’s Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Well as you all probably already know there’s a sequel. In this one Rudolph goes on another adventure this time trying to find the incredibly irritating “Happy”, the Baby New Year before the clock strikes midnight. He goes head to head with Eon an angry buzzard who’s also looking for Happy to acheive his own evil plans. Along the way he meets a few new buddies that help him out but they are no way as cool as Yukon Cornelius or the dentist elf Hermey. This one unlike the original is definately better after a few beers….

Next up is one of my personal favorites, Terror Train.

This great New Years slasher flick stars the original scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis as she and her friends party hardy on a train. Sounds fun huh? Well too bad for them there’s also a derranged killer on board doing his own version of partyin’ which is killing college kids!  This movie starts out with an epic opening scene that sets up premise for a great 80’s slasher movie. If you ever wanted to see douchey frat boys and sorority girls getting what they deserve look no further, Terror Train delivers! Oh yeah and if you’re still not sold did I mention it also stars David Copperfield?!

You might wanna throw in a good classic cartoon too to mix things up with Happy New Years Charlie Brown. Who ever gets sick of the Peanuts?! Yeah you can learn alot from the gang to spice of your New Years party! Who knows you all might bust into an epic game of Musical Chairs!

Next up is yet ANOTHER 80’s horror movie called Bloody New Year. If  New Years Evil and Terror Train simply weren’t enough you might wanna check out this low budget terd. Taking place on a secluded island where a bunch of moronic teens end up stranded and checking into a haunted hotel. This supernatural themed horror movie might best be watched last as you’ll need to be pretty drunk to really enjoy it to it’s fullest potential. Check out the trailer for proof!

 Lastly Four Rooms is a neat little New Years movie than follows the eve with a peculiar Bellhop and his unfortunate adventures. This one is fully packed with stars and directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino amongst others. It follows four different stories and if you go into it with no real expectations it’s a pretty fun little anthology the weaves together nicely.It’s got some weird, quirky humor that may not be for everyone but it does have Madonna starring in it as witch!

So there you have it Universal Dork’s New Years movies! Please let me know if I’ve left out anything essential!

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