Star Trek Cell Phone Bling…The Future In Our Hands!

Let me guess, there are a lot of Universal Dork followers out there that wish that just a tiny bit…a smidge of the technology we see in sci-fi movies/shows would be real. From teleportation to phasers, or warp speed to food replication…I always thought that Star Trek was one of the most innovative and inspiring shows that pushed the limits with technology…but for some reason you knew it could be real someday.

Well there have been announcements on teleporting photos across a room…cool, but a long way to go till we get to something bigger. May theorists have bought into Warp speed…but again it looks great in the math and on paper. Well wait no more, because now you too can have a Star Trek communicator that works with your cell phone via Bluetooth! All home made, and of course, classic Star Trek style as well, with the flip top and everything.

iphone cell phone bluetooth star trek communicator

Keep reading for more info after you transport to the jump page!

In a recent Engadget blog, Diana Eng and Dave Clausen have posted instructions on the net on how you can build your very own Bluetooth enabled Federation Communicator. If you follow the link to you can see all of the detailed instructions and shopping list of parts needed to start your project. With the unit Bluetooth enabled, it will work with any cell phone that uses a Bluetooth headset…how cool is that?

Link to Communicator Instructions!

So, you want to add some spice to your Samsung…or how about some intrigue to your iPhone? Just enable the Bluetooth on the phone, put it in your pocket, and talk to all of your favorite Star Fleet buddies over your comm! Here is a video that covers some of the highlights of the building project as well.

I realize this is hard top when it comes to cell phone bling…but one notable mention has to go out to the recently announced Michael Jackson cell phone; being release in Japan…soon??? (I wish I could read Japanese to relay the details).

Michael Jackson Cell Phone Japanese

So here is a dream scenario…
You get dressed up in your Star Fleet uniform, put on your shiny black shoes and sparkly glove…and moonwalk the night away while perpetrating like you’re talking on your Star Fleet issue communicator. Oh yeah, shoot for the stars!


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