Warhammer 40k to bring War to your DVD player!

Warhammer 40k was my preferred role playing game growing up but it was slow to catch on. But now looking back, Warhammer 40k has persevered and definitely built quite the niche/cult following. The high appeal of the RTS games Dawn of War did not hurt at all. Without a doubt, it was my favorite universe. I loved the look and feel, the fact that there was only War! The Space Marines were the baddest ass mo-foe’s in the universe and along with Eldar, Imperial Guard, Space Orks, and many more…the races, tech, and weapons just reeked of battle. But one thing always was on my mind that would be the cherry on the top of the sundae, a movie. Well hold on to your seat fellow dorks, cause sometimes dream do come true!

Warhammer 40k

Just announced, it appears that Games Workshop is working Codex studios to produce a 70 minute CG/animated movie that follows the Space Marines into battle. This being said, this will be the third time that we have been teased by a concept of a Warhammer 40k movie…but third time is a charm. The concept of this movie will follow a specific tribe of marines and will be entitled Ultramarines!

Looking at the official web site (UltraMarines), the details are slim at best…perhaps a late 2010 release?? More to come I am sure. To give you a taste of what is in store for this DVD, check out the intro to the Dawn of War PC games that came out 5 or so yrs ago. I think this will give you a quick preview of the absolute destruction and chaos that is in store for the full length movie. Please keep in mind, this CG animation was generated several years back…newer technologies mean the animation will be over the top!

In case you are intrigued by the Warhammer universe, but role playing and PC games are not your thing, I also recommend all of the comics that have been produced for a number of years. You can find many collection of Warhammer 40k and Fantasy Battles that were published by the UK based Black Library. In 2006, Games Workshop awarded BOOM! Studios with several miniseries targeting the fantasy and 40k universes.


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