The Director’s Cut of Star Trek better feature Finnegan!

The new Star Trek film was hands down amazing! Perfect in almost evey way except for one person from the original series who was obviously given a raw deal by  Mr. JJ Abrams. Where the HELL was Finnegan?! We were supposedly visiting the  academy years of Kirk and Spock. Perhaps JJ never saw the legendary episode “Shore Leave” from  TOS?! Perhaps he had no idea that Finnegan was Kirk’s mortal enemy and tormented his academy years?

finnegan 2

 Ok so maybe I’m being a little knit picky about things but if JJ was on top of his game he would have included ol’ Finnegan in someway in the latest movie. Besides this epsiode Shore Leave has one of the greatest fights for Kirk in the history of all Trek!


Even if it was all just a manifestation of Kirks mind! So let’s hope that the directors cut features a full on battle and gives Finnegan his proper placement in the movie series!! Highly unlikely!


  1. Christopher

    Wow Im so glad you brought this up. I also wonderd where the hell was finnegan! (after my third viewing that is lol) I was hoping wed see an epic scrap with those two! Lets get the petition going! WE WANT FINNEGAN IN STAR TREK 12 !!!!

  2. konales

    Perhaps we can see if Dana White would commission a UFC bought featuring Kirk and Finnegan. In reality the clip you have posted is more MMA style fighting…let’s petition!

    • petersaturday

      I wish I could have found the bulk of the fight-man Finnegan sure knows how to push Kirks buttons hard!! I guess he also appeared in a star trek Novel “My Bother’s Keeper” and a tos comic book too. Yeah Abrams could still put him in the next flick-hopefully he would act exactly the same too!

  3. Guy Boyman

    Where’s Finnegan? Where’s Finnegan, you ask??

    How about where’s Gary Mitchell, the best friend? Where’s Carol Marcus, the mother of Kirk’s bastard kid? Where’s Sam Kirk, the brother? Where’s Captain Garrovick, the mentor? Where’s Ben Finney, the guy whose career Kirk ruined by narcing on his incompetence? Where’s Ruth Bonaventure, the older woman who taught Kirk how to loooove? Janet Wallace? Areel Shaw? Janet Lester, the body swapping psycho bitch? WHERE ARE THESE PEOPLE???? Kirk’s backstory was RIDDLED with potentially interesting people to be use in that movie and they were stiffed and pushed off the page by that unimaginative reboot. Feh!

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