Arnold confrimed to appear in the new Predator sequel!

There were rumors flying a couple months ago all over the internet about the possibiltiy of Arnold Schwarzenegger appearing in the upcoming  Robert Rodriquez produced  sequel “Predators”. Well now it has been officially confirmed that Arnold will indeed be  repirsing his role in a cameo as Dutch. This news was leaked via The Latino Review  (make sure to check this link and watch their video about the script) who aquired a 90 page script of the action movie. The script they claimed was  “Worthy of the original Predator”. They also confirmed  there is a cameo  written in for Schwarzenegger that will make fans go wild. Hopefully that means arnold has got a gigantic gun in his hands and telling people to get to the chopper! 


I welcome this new sequel, set with a release date of April 15th 2010, with open arms. Although the AVP movies were enjoyable you have to admit they were pretty damn stupid when you really think about it. They were hardly worthy sequels to either franchise. This being a sequel rather that a reboot too is a breath of fresh air and will at least offer up something hopefully original to ad. At the very least we have some nice nostalgia to look forward too!




  1. Guy Boyman

    Latino Review posts a lot of stuff that never actually happens. I mean, they post egitimate stuff sometimes too, but I’d be a lot more revved up about this item if it was confirmed by something a little more solid than Latino Review.

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