Get Prepared for the next REAL summer blockbuster!

So this summer so far we’ve had some blockbusters right? Some downright awesome summer movies that just blew you away?! Ones that you will remember for years to come? I remember the first time I saw Jurassic Park. It literally blew my mind! That was a summer blockbuster alright. I am still totally amused by that movie though I have seen it like a hundred times.


So what have we had here in 2009?

Let’s see we had “X-men Origins: Wolverine”, and yeah all I can say about that is if you actually like Wolverine then you probably thought it bit the big one pretty damn hard. We had “Star Trek” which was so good it blew my damn mind. “Terminator: Salvation” was pretty decent though nothing too memorable. Then the new “Transformers” flick which, well after viewing the first pile of trash I really felt no need to bother wasting any more of my life on. Then the new “Harry Potter” which many have praised as the best installment yet. Now G.I. Joe which I do plan to see but not for Ten stinkin’ bucks. Sorry no way. I’ll wait for that one to get to the three dollar theater, were I can drink some beer and watch those rubbery CG characters jump around like Roger Rabbit for two hours. 


Well that leaves us with the next blockbuster that I am personally pumped for that has already been getting some rave reviews. “District 9” comes out this week and from the previews it looks amazing. A story of a group of alien refugees who came to earth thirty years ago who have been forced to live in an area of South Africa called “District 9”. Well this ain’t no E.T. story. It seems that things go horribly wrong as the Aliens suddenly turn on the humans who kept them separated from the rest of the world.

One thing I love is an awesome UFO movie. When done right they’re so much fun. Look at E.T., Close Encounters, Fire In the Sky, Altered (what you never saw this amazing alien horror flick??) and Independence Day…JUST KIDDING! Anyway I highy advise everyone this weekend to go check this out rather than spending anymore hard earned money on G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra! It has Peter Jackson’s seal of approval and he was a producer for this film too.  Also If you horror heads out there can catch the limited release of “Grace” in your city I recommend checking that out as well! It opens this week too so beware of Zombie Babies!!

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