The Walking Dead: AMC purchases the rights for a TV series!!


It’s just been announced that the cable network AMC, has purchased the rights to Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, for a potential television series. Already on board for the show are Frank Darabont (Oscar-nominated writer of ‘the Green Mile’ and ‘the Shawshank Redemption’) who’s been hired to write, direct and executive produce, and Gale Anne Hurd, who’s set to executive produce as well.

This is extremely promising. Besides the notable names already attached, AMC has also been putting out great shows recently like ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Breaking Bad’. They also are responsible for the most popular horror-movie themed marathon on TV today, their annual Fear Fest that shows around Halloween.

I for one, would love to see it shot in black and white, but that seems unlikely.


  1. konales

    This is crazy mad excellent news. I have heard rumors about this forever…and we all know that zombies make money. Now how about someone make money off of great zombie story…rather than the gore trash that just keeps coming out. Awesome!

    • petersaturday

      Hopefully they stay true to the comic book and kill off the ones wh actually are supposed to die. Plus how about a CROSSED movie? NC 17 of course. That would be terrifying.

  2. 1frombeyond

    God, I hope they stick to the source material. Hopefully, this series doesn’t get turned into some video-game-looking monstrosity with loose ties the book. Black and white would also allow them to be more gory (when necessary) than color would.

    • 1frombeyond

      I’m sure there are cable regulations, but I imagine they’d be able to get more out of them in black & white. The series is going to be pretty weak if Michonne can’t do her thing throughout it. I’d like to think they’d have a way to pull off all the decapitation, zombie gorging etc but I really am not sure how far they can go.

  3. konales

    I am less worried about the Michonne decapitation scenes…more about what she does to the leader of that rouge clan around issue 35-ish…I have feeling there will be a lot of indirect shadow shots for that…

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