Opening “The Gate 2” Again!

I recently re-watched “The Gate 2”, a copy which I purchased off ebay since it’s pretty hard to find at the video store. It had been so long since I had seen this movie I really wasn’t sure what to expect. The first installment is one of the finest 80’s horror flicks having some of the coolest “how’d they do that back then” special effects around. “The Gate 2” likewise, is also a very fun horror flick as well though perhaps not as good as the first.

gate 2 poster

It does however follow the first films co-star Terry, who was the awesome heavy metal obsessed kid who had all the secrets of the Gate in his record collection. He was such a cool character and it’s great that they had him back for the sequel. However this time around he doesn’t mention heavy metal once or even sport his cool “Venom” denim vest like he did in the first. He does however wear a cloak and conjure up some mean monsters!  

gate 2

Yeah there are some bad ass scenes when he captures one of those little demons and keeps it in a bird cage. There’s also some awesomel stop motion monster scenes near the end of the movie as well that make this a must see sequel! Though this movie definately is NOT as good as the first it’s cool that they did a sequel using the coolest character from the original flick. This second installment shows a very lonely Terry trying to deal with the death of his mom, his alcoholic dad, bullies, girls and of course demons. So I recommend to everyone to go watch the first “Gate” again and then hunt this cool sequel down. On a side note it has been rumoured that they will be remaking The Gate in 3-D. I say they should make Gate 3 with a grown up Stephen Dorff (who was the whiny little star of the first movie) and his metal head co- star Louis Tripp who played Terry Chandler. How Rad would that be?! 

I read a neat little article about Louis Tripp and where he is now check this out:

Supposedly he changed his name legally to “Twelve Twenty”, wierd….


  1. petersaturday

    Tom, Gate 3 with Dorff and Tripp grown up would be awesome! You and I need to direct these new films!!!

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