I heard about this film a while back, but typical of me, I did not do my due diligence and follow up…well now Colin, a new British zombie flick is gaining some critical mass.  The most shocking thing is that this movie was made for only $70 or more appropriately, about 42 pounds and 50 pence (based on current exchange rates)!


Apparently the director Marc Price (ironic last name…) sat watching Dawn of the Dead with a couple blokes and thought how great it would be to make his own zombie film.  But how?  They cost too much to make.  So with a bunch of heart, a bunch of research, personal time, and a ton of free help, Marc made his dream come true.  Marc dedicated 18 months of his life to learning how to do his own special effect and filming, all while working nights at his taxi job.  By posting on Facebook for actors and help and asking that willing participants provide some equipment the stage was set.  The film created enough buzz independently, that it was picked up and shown at this year’s Cannes film festival; the reception was overwhelming.   Now it is set for a theatrical release in about a dozen theaters throughout the UK this Halloween (going up against big buck, fancy pantsy Zombieland).

The movie follows the story of a man inflicted with zombie sickness.  Forced to navigate his way through the infested streets he documents the entire ordeal on his video camera…along the way slowly turning into the undead.  Ah, this brings back fond memories of Fangoria’s I, Zombie. Wait, did I say fond…I mean awkward, especially that masturbation scene!  Man, what a turd in a punch bowl, eh?  But back to the topic at hand, Colin is an amazing show of horror force on such a small budget, fueled by a love of the genre and pure unadulterated dedication. I realize that Colin is not set for international release, but it is only a matter of time.  I personally can’t wait to see this film as it will be an inspiration to me that the all-mighty buck is not the bottom line for making a dream come true.

Now…the devil’s advocate has to come out a bit…

$70, right, for a crowbar, some tapes, and tea and coffee for the participants, anyone else have a problem with this?  Why am I having a hard time believing this?  Just watching the trailer makes me skeptical, there are printed papers with custom headlines, smoke…a sling shot, and stuff (sling shot?!??!?)

So based on the facts lets add this up….

  • Crowbar = $30
  • Camcorder (mini DV?) tapes = $25 (2 x 3 pack; that’s a good deal)
  • Tea and coffee = $15
  • Saying your movie only cost $70 for Cannes = Priceless!

So when I add up my rough guesses…sure, it comes to $70.  But then I have to assume the tea and coffee was provided to the volunteer zombies by pouring hot water in their hands.  That could explain the lesions… I guess maybe this could work.

Well, we will just have to wait until it leaks over to the states and we can see the final result.

What do you think?


  1. Clin-Tron

    if it’s true, this opens up a world of opportunity for a lot of people. very exciting.

    p.s. i don’t think the trailer looked very good. i’m interested though.

  2. konales

    Yeah, that trailer makes me really skeptical. Shaky camera can solve a lack of effects, but if there is not a strong plot/story/characters, this one may suck bad; another victim of the “hype”. Word on the street is that it gets back to Romer’s original concept for Night of the Living Dead… less focus on zombie, more on the social aspects….guess we will have to wait a bit.

    • petersaturday

      I think it looks kinda $70 bucks-ish in the trailer! we need to start filming our own for $50.00! we could just film it on our cell phones!

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