The Goonies may come back to oregon afterall?

I just read a short arcticle on that there may be new hope for “Goonies 2” after all. Apparently for some time now Corey Feldman went on record saying that it would “never happen”. Well now Feldman is back saying that there “might” be a chance for the sequel after all and that “perhaps for the first time – that a sequel is not entirely out of the picture.”


My question: is this still a good idea? If it does happen you can bet that I’ll be there in the theater to see it with an open mind. That is if it actually makes it into the theater and doesn’t go straight to dvd like the sequel Feldman did for “Lost Boys” ( which was a total stinker by the way). There was so much hype made about the Lost boys sequel espcially by the two Coreys as they cried about not originally being cast in it on their reality show. The final result a shitty sequel that pretty much turned out to be a lame remake of the first film with only Feldman actually returning.

Goonies2 sloth

So in 2009 is Goonies 2 still a good idea? Will Richard Donner return to direct? Will they resort to adding younger, more hip sidekicks into the mix like every other current sequel to an 80’s flick? Or will they stick with solely the original Goonies and cast them out on one last adventure? This remains to be seen but for some reason I’ve a feeling that if this movie involves an older Corey Feldman the Goonies next adventure will most likely be pretty stale…

goonies080508  Could these older Goonies still pull it off?



  1. 1frombeyond

    Two thoughts:

    1. I seriously doubt Josh Brolin will be in this.

    2. Kerri Green will always be my first love!

    • petersaturday

      I think the best move would be to have the actual Goonies done in CG because they are too old now. But of course in a live atcion real world setting so it’d be a little bit like Who Framed Roger Rabbit!

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