Tim Burton’s Alice in wonderland…..

Well as you may or may not already know Tim Burton is attempting to tackle Alice In Wonderland and guess what? It stars Johnny Depp. Thankfully Burton has decided NOT to cast him as Alice though I am sure that he was considering it at some point! I am really wondering if he is going to be able to pull this one off. I hope to god it’s nothing like his absolutely wretched remake of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or his completely lame version of the sci-fi classic “Planet Of The Apes”. We’ll see where he takes this one but so far the still look pretty breathtaking …

alice in wonderland

 I have not seen Sweeney Todd all the way through simply because I have a hard time getting into musicals unless they are the Popeye movie of the 80’s(Yeah that movie RULES!), Little Shop of Horrors or the Wizard of Oz. But from what I have heard about Sweeney Todd was that  Burton was back in original form again. So maybe this movie will be mind blowing like it should be. And maybe, just maybe it will not make me cringe as bad when Burton tackles the Wizard of Oz, like I just know some day he will attempt. Below are a few pics that surfaced this week Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter seems like a pretty good choice huh? Or wait is that really Elijah Wood????

alice in wonderland 2

alice in winderland 3


  1. Chris

    Tim burton isnt doing wizard of oz. Were getting a cg animated cartoon version that will be very true to the book according to harry knowels. Ive seen some early art desings and it looks like its going to be very cool!

  2. petersaturday

    Hmmm…that sounds interesting but I still think he is going to do wizard of oz eventually with johnny depp starring as dorothy, the tin man, the lion, the scarecrow and toto.

  3. Guy Boyman

    One thing I liked about ”Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” – Christopher Lee

    Also, I thought making Willie Wonka’s father a dentist was pretty clever.

    That’s about it though.

    Also, I respect Depp for having the balls to take so many weird and offbeat roles. Tom Cruise he’s not.

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