John Byrne:Best Artist Ever!

So the 1frombeyond’s post got me all fired up yesterday about MY favorite comic book artist of all time, Mr. John Byrne! Ever since I was a kid I loved and knew his artwork. I’d always get pretty pumped when I would see a comic book drawn by him-even at my young age I just knew there was something special about it. Perhaps it was his amazing sense of detail? Either way there are so many things I truely love about his artwork. To me he is one of the All Time Greatest and most influential comic book artists ever. Right up there with Kirby and yes even…um…Liefeld.

Anyway I decided to post some of my favorite pics that I have always loved of his artwork. Whether it’s a cover or interior panel it’s clear he was and is still the master. In a day and age where any and every band is reuniting and Harrison Ford is once again Indiana Jones, I do truely think it’s time that Marvel reunites John Byrne & Chris Claremont  for another run on the X-Men!!


This was a cover to one of my all-time fav FF comic books. The Gladiator tears apart New York City and soon there after fights a group of Skrulls posing as the X-men. Byrne would recreate this cover in his Superman Reboot in the Action Comics title.


john bryne hulk316_08_jpg_600

When Byrne took on the Hulk I was thrilled! No body draws the Hulk as massive as Byrne. It was a shame his run only lasted 5 issues! You can check them all out though in the Hulk “Visionaries” trade paperback that includes Marvel Fanfare # 29 shown later here. 


john byrne joker

I really always enjoyed this Superman issue where he faces off with the Joker. Byrne’s Joker had a truely unique look plus it was about time he started some shit in Metropolis!


john bryne af28_01_jpg_600

This pic is from Alpha Flight where the Guardian supposedly comes back from the dead. It was just a hoax though as it is revealed he’s actually a Robot and leads The Omega Flight. Byrne surely put the Alpha Flight through some painful times. I guess it a trend now to run them through the ringer since most of them are now dead thanks to Bendis….


hulk byrne 2

Here’s a scan I did to show some more Hulk art that Byrne did. I also loved the new uniform he gave Doc Samson. For some reason though Samson decided to go back to his Shazam rip off costume. weird. 



More Alpha Flight artwork. Maybe Byrne should do a series showing Wolvie’s life when he was set as their Leader. I think that story needs to be told in full and who better to tell and illustrate it than Byrne?



Yeah well I don’t care what anyone says-The Great Lakes Avengers RULE! It just goes to show you how much of a genius Byrne was! I want an ongoing series dammit!


alpha wolvie

 When Guardian died they were in search of a new leader it turned out his wife Heather Hudson would take on the role. I always loved too how absolutely GIGANTIC he always drew Saquatch! Let’s get an Alpha Flight relaunch done the right way already!



Here’s a pic from Marvel Fanfare # 29 where Hammer & Anvil try and take on the Hulk but end up getting killed by Scourge(remember that guy?!). This has some of the most amazing pics of the Hulk ever drawn. A comic full of splash pages all the way through.  Byrne wanted to do this in his Hulk run but Marvel forbid him. So he did the story during that time in Marvel Fanfare.



We can’t forget Byrne’s She-Hulk. There’s a reason why I think she’s Marvel’s hottest woman. It’s because of the way Byrne drew her! Sorry but NOBODY draws a better She-Hulk!!


john byrne Wolverine8_jpg_600

This is a recent picture Byrne did of Wolverine. He’s keeping in practice! As you can see he definately ready to take on the X-men again!!

Here’s a neat little interview too with some really weird Ranger Guy from some odd kid’s show from 1994 check it!


  1. Guy Boyman

    I understand he’s kind of a dick as a human being, but I’m joining in the John Byrne, Comic Book Writer and Artist lovefest. As a DC Boy I actualy wasn’t particularly crazy about his Superman reboot, but at Marvel he was tops. And he’s doing some great old school Star Trek stuff for IDW of late. And I love the old school. That’s where I got my Dork Diploma.

  2. 1frombeyond

    Holy Jesus, that Wolverine is amazing! Now that is what Wolverine looks like. Forget this Astonishing X-Men/X-Men movie franchise look that’s been going on for a while now.

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