Slight chill in hell today…John Byrne returning to the X-Men?

Over on the message boards of the greatest comic artist/writer ever, John Byrne, talk about Chris Claremont’s new X-Men Forever (a book continuing the 90’s series from issue #3) has brought out “thought excercises” and a few sketches from Byrne on what he would do if he could continue his run from where he left off with X-Men #143. Now, again, this is only just what-if type discussion with zero backing to it at this point, but if fanning these flames helps get something started, then I am all for it. Check out this impromtu sketch by Byrne (damn, that man has still got it)!


Obviously it would take something short of a miracle, an “iron-clad contract, pre-nuptual” type miracle arangement from Marvel. But imagine the possibilities? Seeing the X-Men (maybe even a little Alpha Flight too?) looking like the actual X-Men again, sounding like the X-Men again, would be such a gift to longtime fans.

This is probably the most exciting, hypothetical, non-news I have ever been able to blog about! Here’s to the fat chance!!

For old times sake:


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