Just go play “Wolverine” the Video game instead….

Recently my roomate got the new X-men Origins: Wolverine video game for Xbox. It is supposedly based on the movie, so I assumed it would be an ultra time wasting crap-fest. But to my surprise I was totally WRONG! In fact I would say if anyone wanted to know just how bad ass Hugh Jackman could have been as Wolverine they need to check out this game. The opening of this game is true Wolverine. The way he should have been done in the movie(s). It’s voiced by Jackman as well and believe me this game is bloody and brutal. The way Wolvie really is. When Wolverine uses his claws people bleed. Alot. I have a feeling this game was made because people knew just how truely shitty the movie was going to be. If you thought the Wolerine movie was good you need to see this cuz by the time it’s over you’ll remember what Wolverine is supposed to be like. So if you have not played this game yet, at the very least check out the opening sequence now-it makes me realize just how god damn cool the movie coulda’ shoulda’ been… 

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