Silverhawks & Tigersharks rule too!

So my last blog post mentioned two other cartoon series that the Thundercats creators also put out in the 80’s-The Silverhawks & The Tigersharks (are you noticing a trend in the naming of the cartoons yet). So Silverhawks was the space version of  Thundercats and the even lesser known Tigersharks was the water version! Neither of them had the success of the Thundercats but they were both equally awesome. The animation was once again top notch and the characters were just as cool(well mostly). I love the hillbilly Siverhawk “Bluegrass” too-he’s play guitar and is just plain rad. The Silverhawks also had a cool toy line and the first season is available on dvd!! 

The Tigersharks only lasted one season but you know what? I always thought it was still pretty damn rad! The show took place on the world of Water-O, which was covered completely by water(who would have figured huh?). The planet had a race of fish people called the Waterians(water, water, more water!!) . The TigerSharks arrived there on a research mission but ended up serving as the protectors of the planet against the bastardly T-Ray! They need to release that on dvd soon too- check these intros out from the show!

The Silverhawks!!

The Tigersharks!!


  1. konales

    Defintely a classic, I remember this show just as much as Thudercats…I will have to research the TigerSharks…that one is testing me a bit. Now the Spiral Zone Riders…that was a lesser known classic toon as well!

  2. konales

    I take that back, I just watched the TigerSharks theme and I remember it…I could not quote any episodes…but I remember it.

    I like how each of the logos for the shows is almost exactly the same…

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