Deadpool: the ultimate admitted rip-off!!

Alot of people accuse Rob Liefeld to be somewhat of a hack and almost all of the characters he creates are usually rip offs of existing characters. But to save his soul he did help create one really rad marvel character who has as of recently become insanely popular-Deadpool! So yeah he finally can take claim for something really original and everyone can forget about his famous picture of Captain America sporting gigantic boobs-right? Not so fast. As you may or may not already know Deadpool is an admitted rip-off of DC’s famous villain Deathstroke.


Online this is pretty much common knowledge:  “Fabien Nicieza; the writer who co-created Deadpool (alongside artist Rob Liefeld) has admitted that the character’s secret identity is something of an in-joke.


When Liefeld presented the character design to Nicieza as a character to intoduce in the now-defunct series The New Mutants, Nicieza accused Liefeld of simply wanting to make use of  his own version of DC Comics character Deathstroke the Terminator. Liefeld admitted it, and so Nicieza decided to name Deadpool “Wade Wilson“, in homage to Deathstroke’s real name: “Slade Wilson“.”


Deathstroke(pictured above) is soooo pissed that he doesn’t get his own movie too!

Dammit Liefeld just can’t win!! Ok so in that case I guess it’s ok to beat a dead horse just one more time so here it is…

liefeld cap


    • petersaturday

      ha! that’s Rob Liefeld’s legendary picture that he drew that gets him so much shit. I just can’t understand how ol’ Rob got to be such a popular artist!!!

  1. konales

    Even with the rippling muscle upon muscle…Cap looks log shaped and fatty…way too thick…way too much boob!

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